Braided sandwich

Плетен сандвич Braided sandwich

Braided sandwich


2 green peppers
2 red peppers
3 sprigs of parsley
3 sprigs of dill
1 clove of garlic
Sunflower oil or grapeseed oil
Favorite sliced ​​bread (toaster-type)
Goat or sheep cheese (type Greek feta)
Dried and fresh thyme
Cheese such as Gouda or Emmental
Quail eggs


Grill, peel and deseed the peppers. Place them in a bowl and season with salt, oil, fresh parsley and dill (leave the greens in sprigs for easy removal) and some slices of garlic. Leave in the fridge to marinate. Might be prepared the day before.

Toast the bread on both sides, cool and spread with butter. Lay a thick slice of goat cheese on each, making sure it is the same size.

Remove the greens from the pepper’s marinate. Cut the peppers into 1 cm strips and weave them like a chess board. Transfer on the feta cheese. Garnish the sandwich with a piece of Gouda cheese and a pinch of dried thyme.

Serve the sandwich with some boiled and halved quail eggs. A sprig of fresh thyme might complete the view.

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