Appetizer skewers

Салатени шишчета1 681x1024 Appetizer skewers

Appetizer skewers


Cherry tomatoes
White radish, sweet
Fine salad leaves (arugula, curly, lamb’s lettuce)
Mini mozzarella
Emmental cheese
Wooden skewers

Салатени шишчета 31 681x1024 Appetizer skewers


Rinse and peel the cucumber and radish. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Drain and pat the mozzarella with a piece of paper towel. Cut the cucumber and radish into thick slices. Then, for a better presentation, stamp out different shapes with a cookie cutter.

Prepare the appetizer skewers shortly before serving, by stringing beautifully all the ingredients listed. Combining a slice of white radish with a cheese flower embedded in it, for example, looks like boiled egg slices. Improvise with the ingredients available in your cupboards.

Present the skewers by pricking them in a deep glass, lined with salad leaves.

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