Royal salad (Bulgarian pickles)

Царска туршия 2 Royal salad (Bulgarian pickles)

Royal salad (Bulgarian pickles)
Based on my grandmother’s recipe


Red peppers
Celery root (with leaves)
Organic cider vinegar
Sugar and salt
Aspirin (in tablets)

 Царска туршия1 Royal salad (Bulgarian pickles)


The quantity of vegetables is determined according to the number of jars available.

Fill each jar (750 ml) with 2 cm vinegar (counted from the bottom), then pour in 1 teaspoon of salt, 2 teaspoons of sugar and 2 aspirins. Stir until all ingredients are well dissolved and mixed.

Tuck the vegetables in the jars alternating the colors and placing stalks of parsley and celery in between.

Finally, fill the jars with cold water and seal them tight. Let the jars rest for 24 hours upside down, then 24 hours lying on one side, and finally, 24 hours lying on the opposite side. Store upright in a cool place.

The royal salad can be served in at least 10 days. Still, it is better to wait about a month.

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