Salad with mango and stuffed prunes

Салата с манго и сливови рулца1 1024x685 Salad with mango and stuffed prunes

Salad with mango and stuffed prunes


Fresh salad, for to 2 servings

½ ripe mango

1 handful of pine nuts

½ avocado

Farmer’s refined cheese (or whatever you have)


6 pitted dried prunes

½ mozzarella

2-3 thin slices of ham, smoked bacon or proschiutto

6 decorative skewers

Walnut oil


Cut prunes in length and fill with mozzarella. Wrap a slice of prosciutto around each in order to make small rolls. Fix a skewer.

Coat 2 plates with salad, washed and torn into strips. Stir in cubes of avocado, mango and ripe cheese. Garnish each salad with 3 rolls of prunes.

Roast the pine nuts in a dry pan and divided them between the two salads. Season the salads with walnut oil and serve immediately.

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