Salad tree with smoked cheese and plums

Салата с пушено сирене и сливи1 684x1024 Salad tree with smoked cheese and plums

Salad tree with smoked cheese and plums


Mixed salad leaves
Smoked sheep cheese (e.g. smoked feta or normal feta)
1 cucumber

Olive oil
Soya sauce
Dry shallots


Rinse the cucumber and cut it into very thin slices lengthwise. Use a vegetable peeler for this. Then form a circle with each slice (like a stainless steel mold) and fix with a wooden stick.

Place a cucumber circle in the middle of a plate and fill with different salad leaves. Tuck smoked feta sticks and plum slices here and there. Scatter a few chopped walnuts on top. Before serving, drizzle with the dressing. Make the latter by emulsifying olive oil, mustard, soy sauce and dry shallots.

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