Cocktail bites

Шарена етажерка1 1024x682 Cocktail bites

Cocktail bites


Full grain diet bread (with firm crumb)


1 large and ripe avocado

Cheese, semi-soft, such as Gouda, Eddamer, etc.

Cherry tomatoes


Salt and pepper to taste

Fresh thyme to decorate


Cut slices of bread. Use a small round cookie tin to cut round slices. Use them as the basis of the cocktail bites.

Cook a thick omelette out of two or three eggs. Use a small saucepan and cook covered on low heat. Peel the avocado, remove the core and cut the flesh inl slices of the same thickness. Cut the cherry tomatoes in three rounds. Use the one in the middle for the aperitif, keep the others for a salad. Cut cheese slices as well.

Cut round shaped slices of all ingredients above. Put them on the basis of bread. Fix the cocktail bites with a party stick. Serve as an attractive element of an aperitif. Decorate with fresh thyme.

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