A new rubric in my site!!! icon smile News How to sew cute patchwork cushions, bags, wall canvas, pen cases, etc. I hope you would find my efforts useful and make something yourself! icon smile News Follow the link behind the photo icon smile News

Къща 2 b1 300x300 News icon smile News icon smile News icon smile News


I gave my first interview for a French Magazine!!! icon smile News Follow the link with a simple click on the picture icon smile News You can find my starring recipe below the interview icon smile News

Прасковите на баба2 1024x682 News***


One Bulgarian recipe to celebrate the National Day of Bulgaria! icon smile News

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To my fairy! Happy birthday, Beauty! icon smile News

Орехова торта3 682x1024 News***


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!! Love each other more and more every day and write the book of your life full of harmony and warmth!

Besides, the day is also special for my native Bulgaria as it celebrates the day of the wine and vine-growers icon smile News Moreover, it is a special day for me, too! It’s the first anniversary of my site!!! icon smile News

Cheers! icon smile News

Торта от рози и вафлени кори2 681x1024 News***


As a sign of commitment to the sorrow of a dear friend, my site will remain silent for some time. I wish her all the strength she needs to overcome her loss. I love you!!! :*



I am finally home!!! Home with my sweet and tender mum, in my beautiful country! I feel great!!! Moreover, I have just discovered my new kitchen robot. I won it around Easter time in a culinary competition of GoodFood! Isn’t it beautiful?!

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Yes yes yes!!! I finally did it! There are no more empty menus in the English part! Nine recipes in each one! icon wink News Check out the last ones by following the link behind the picture icon smile News Nighty night!

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I may call myself All-kind-cracker-maker-and-eater icon wink News icon biggrin News I just adore homemade crackers!!! Follow the link behind the picture below and you would find one of my favorite crackers icon smile News

Крекери от кестени с ароматен конфитюр от дюли 1024x572 NewsYummi, no?!



You might have noticed some progress in the recipes in your language icon smile News I have been working hard lately and new recipes appear here and there icon smile News The one you see below is the  recipe that won a culinary competition in Bulgaria. I am the happy owner of a new and big refrigerator icon smile News

Пълнени Zucchini 1024x685 News***


Desserts!!! icon smile News Six new and sweeeeet recipes tonight icon smile News icon wink News Do you feel like having of piece of this soft and delicious walnut cake? icon smile News

Орехов сладкиш с козунак3 1024x684 NewsBon appétit! icon smile News



My site is progressing at a snail’s pace in its English version icon smile News I am doing my best… It already cherishes some recipes under soups and salads icon smile News My favorite salad among newcomers seems to be this:

Салата с брюкселско зеле и пушени шпроти5 680x1024 NewsMeanwhile, you could visit the Bulgarian part of my site. Should you like something, ask Google to translate it for you (but don’t laugh, while reading his version icon smile News )



I am still fighting to get familiar with Word Press, as apart from not being a professional cook or a photographer, I am not a webpage specialist as well. icon smile News I slowly manage to make things the way I want them and upload bits and pieces here and there. All we need is patience … A dose for me, to beat the webpage foundations, and a dose for you to finally see texts next to the sliding pictures icon smile News   Don’t give up! It applies for me too…  icon smile News

For the moment, make my acquaintance by sneaking a look at the cOOking TiKi menu and take your time to visit my Photo gallery icon smile News

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