Mango salad with pine nuts

Салата с манго и кедрови ядки1 1024x700 Mango salad with pine nuts

Mango salad with pine nuts


1 ripe mango

1 ripe avocado, large

1 small root of red beet, cooked

About 20 small black olives

1 handful of pine nuts

Walnut oil

Dried chives for presentation


Grill the pine nuts on a dry pan, without adding salt, until slightly golden. Let cool. Meanwhile, peel the vegetables and cut them into uniform cubes.

Distribute the cubes in two salad plates. Place olives here and there and sprinkle the salad with pine nuts. Give a final touch with a shower of chives or dill. Pour some walnut oil and serve immediately.

The mango salad with pine nuts is perfect for introducing a light dinner.

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